Interactive business messaging

Yakara Inform is our interactive business messaging product, designed to keep you engaged with your customers and freeing up valuable agent time. Yakara Inform supports:

  • SMS messaging
  • Voice messaging
  • Email messaging

Messaging enables you to connect with your customers instantly, and enables them to get in touch at their convenience. This saves your call contact wasted time on unanswered calls or not being able to connect with the right party.

You can send alerts via either SMS, voice or email message, allowing your end-users to respond at their own convenience. A research study by Frost & Sullivan revealed that 98% of all text messages are opened. The study also showed that they are read on average within 5 seconds! We can help you build your communication strategy and take advantage of ever evolving smartphone services.

Yakara Inform is a cloud-based service which can be used stand-alone or integrated into your existing business systems and processes.



Pick your medium

Launch multi-media campaigns via SMS, Voice and Email messaging


Keep in touch

Timely delivery of alerts and notifications



Links to your existing platforms so your customers can perform self-service transactions

Save money

Save time & money

Automate your processes and prevent overloading your contact centre team

Secure and Simple

24/7 support

Fast, secure and simple to use

Multi-lingual, personalised, localised


Proven results

Our results demonstrate that Inform can be up to 80% more effective than the standard agent/dialler approach.



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