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Yakara MobileCare is a cost-effective customer feedback product that helps you to monitor and improve the service you provide your customers. You'll be able to drive down the costs of call handling, while getting important insights into your level of service directly from your customers.

Our cloud service enables you to message customer mobile phones via SMS, so they can respond at their convenience. An embedded link enables your customers to answer questions of your choosing. The process is fast, smooth and doesn't require the download of an app!

You'll be able to see who your happy customers are, quickly identify any common complaints, make sure you are treating customers fairly, and be able rectify any issues and improve your service. 





Give your customers an easy way to interact with you, and collect valuable insights into your service.



Quickly identify any common complaints so you can rectify any issues quickly.



Continue to monitor, track and report on your service.



You have the option to include customer verification for confidentiality issues.

Secure and Simple

Easy to use end user experience

Multi-lingual, personalised, localised service

24/7 support 


Proven Results

Our clients have seen a response rate of over 20% when using MobileCare to gather customer feedback.



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