Collect mobile payments

Our Yakara MobilePay cloud service enables you to message customer mobile phones and take secure mobile card payments directly into your merchant account, so you can:

  • Avoid the need for customers to have reference numbers to hand
  • Save money on  letters and agent handling
  • Provide your customers a fast, convenient experience, with no app to install


Quick contact

Send a message to a customer smartphone from an agent console, system or website.


Personalised experience

An embedded link provides an easy-to-use personalised experience for the customer, and enables them to pay anytime, anywhere.

padlock blue

Secure verification

The customer can be verified, given further information on the transaction, and payment information securely collected.


Easy processing

The payment is processed through your payment gateway directly into your merchant account.

Secure and Simple

PCI DSS certified

ISO 27001 certified data centres

Fast, secure, simple to use

Multi-lingual, personalised, localised


For Collections

Collect more payments via smartphone with our secure, personalised payment process. Show your customers how much is due and give them easy ways to pay.

For Sales

Close more sales sales via your customers' smartphones through messaging with your quotes/offers, and providing embedded links to a secure payment handling process.


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