MobilePay Collections

MobilePay for collections

Enhance your collections process

Send a message to a customer smartphone with a personal process giving details of the amount due and secure payment collection using Yakara MobilePay.


Quick contact

Send a message to a customer smartphone from an agent console, system or website.


Personalised experience

An embedded link provides an easy-to-use personalised experience for the customer, and enables them to pay anytime, anywhere.

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Secure verification

The customer can be verified, given further information on the transaction, and payment information securely collected.


Easy processing

The payment is processed through your payment gateway directly into your merchant account.



  • Give customers an easy way to pay
  • Drive tool from batched file or agent console
  • Dunning cycle and settlement offer handling
  • Optional customer verification for confidentiality purposes
  • Message tracking and reporting


  • Personal, timely customer communication
  • Cost-effective contact and automated payment handling
  • Collect payments quickly and easily
  • Reduce costs by reducing letters and agent handling
  • Take PCI DSS certified card payments

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