Industry Sectors

Industry Sectors

Tailored solutions

Yakara provide a range of cloud services to enable you to engage with your customers and automate business processes. We tailor our products and services to your specific needs and industry.

We can help you connect quickly and easily with your customers, so you can boost interaction, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. We provide a range of services including payments, customer feedback and appointment handling. Click below or get in touch to find out more about how our services can help you automate smartphone, landline and web transactions.

financial services

Financial Services

Our services can help you to increase collection and payment rates, improve staff efficiency and reduce your contact centre costs .



Fully automate your appointment handling, reduce did not attends, and improve the efficiency of your practice.

Local government

Local Government

Increase contact centre efficiency, reduce costs associated with paper reminders and get valuable feedback on your services.


Retail & logistics

Retail & Logistics

Reduce the cost of delivery, increase collection and payment rates, boost sales and increase customer engagement .

Utilities & Telecoms

Utilities and Telecommunications

Implement self-service payments, increase contact centre efficiency, get customer feedback and reduce the cost of collections.


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