Utilities & Telecommunications

Utilities & Telecoms

Streamline your contact strategy

We know that connecting with your customers can be difficult, but simply changing the way you communicate can increase their satisfaction and reduce your costs. Today, consumers switch between landline, mobile, web, SMS and email on a daily basis, and so the way you communicate and interact with them has to evolve.

Our cloud services enable you to eliminate time wastage on costly letters and phone calls through interactive voice, SMS and smartphone messaging, allowing your customers to respond immediately, or at a more convenient time.

Why use Yakara?

Our services can help you proactively engage and interact with your customers through multi-channel, end-to-end solutions, helping you:

  • Offer you customers convenient self-service channels to make payments
  • Increase your contact centre efficiency
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Reduce the cost of missed appointments through automated, self-service appointment handling
  • Gain valuable customer feedback
  • Reduce the cost of collections
  • Increase payments

Credit Collections

Send payment reminders that link to easy ways to pay via mobile web, internet, text or voice and enable fast repeat payments.

Manage Appointments

Send reminders to customers and implement self-service scheduling.

Marketing & Feedback

Promote your products and services and collect timely customer feedback.

Secure & Simple

We have over 20 years’ experience of delivering leading-edge interactive technology services for national and global organisations:

  • Customer data handled in secure ISO27001 data centres
  • PCI DSS certified for payment handling
  • 24/7 support
  • Multi-lingual, personalised, localised services
  • Easy set up, and intuitive to use



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