Customer Service

Customer service

Make more time for customer service

We know management of high call volumes is critical to your business success. By automating standard tasks, you can free up your agents time so they can deal with more complex calls, reducing both costs and customer frustration.

Yakara’s cloud based service allows your customers to:

  • Receive timely reminders from you e.g. prompts to check meter readings; make payments or receive notification an order has arrived.
  • Complete simple tasks including ordering, purchasing and payments through mobiles, web and landline.
  • Request a call back or reach an agent with a query.
  • Store their payment information for easy future use.
  • Collect timely customer feedback to monitor satisfaction and make sure you are treating your customers fairly (TCF).

We have an array of products and solutions to transform your customer experience. Get in touch to find out more.


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