Secure Payments

An easy way to collect secure payments

Our secure, PCI certified payment platform makes it easy for your customers to pay promptly. Our clients find that sending reminders and providing their customers with easy ways to pay helps to make the collection process more effective. Sending reminders by voice, text and email messages reduces costly paper reminders and will allow your agents to spend time on those more complex calls.

We support multi-media payments using voice, SMS, mobile web and web:

  • AutoPay - An omni-channel payment service
  • MobilePay -  A smartphone payment service



Remind customers when payments are due. Payments can be made by interactive voice response or text. Options to call an agent with any issues or request call back.

Save money

Reduces costs

Automating simple tasks such as payments frees up your staff to focus on more complex issues. Our clients get more payments at a reduced cost.


Future payments made easy

Customers can store their payment details for future transactions, making the process swift and easy in the future.

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