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Yakara is a provider of trusted transaction services for smartphone, voice, text and web. Our cloud-based technology platform supports a range of services to enable you to contact customers and automate business transactions such as payment, customer feedback and appointment handling. We help you to connect quickly and easily with your customers, speeding up interaction, increasing customer engagement, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.



Remind your customers payment is due. Make it easy for your customer to pay using their preferred method: voice, text, mobile, internet

Customer service

Customer Service

Make the best use of your agents' time, automate routine tasks, collect customer feedback, and keep your customers happy



Reduce missed appointments, allow rescheduling and keep frontline staff in the loop

Customer marketing

Customer Marketing

Connect with your customers. Send information that's timely and compelling: discounts and special offers; location of your stores and customer surveys, the choice is yours.


Credit collections

Credit Collections

Remind your customers payment is overdue and make it easy for them to pay



Quickly report interruptions in service, or closures due to bad weather and let your customers know when the situation is resolved

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Yakara's cloud based, on-demand systems provide you with a range of interactive solutions tailored to your industry:



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