Contact centre agent assistance

The Yakara AgentAssist console contains a toolkit of services to help your contact centre agents with their daily tasks. Arm your agents with the power to resolve more customer issues and reduce the workload on your contact centre staff.

Provide excellent customer experiences

Contact centres are always striving to provide better customer service and improve positive call disposition. Yakara has a range of services to help contact centres resolve more calls first time, reduce the load on contact centre agents and improve the customer experience. 

Use Cases

Agent-assisted payments

Our AgentAssist payment console arms your recovery agents with the tools they need to take more payments and provide better customer service. With our innovative payment tools, your agents will be able to end every call on a positive action and identify any customers who may be in hardship. The payment toolkit consists of:

  • Deferred payments: If a customer cannot pay their bill immediately, your agent can agree a future date, take card details and set up the payment to be taken automatically.
  • Promise to pay: Much like the deferred payment, if a customer cannot clear their bill immediately, a future date can be agreed and a reminder SMS message containing a secure, embedded payment link will be triggered.
  • One-off reduced payments: Give your customer a bit of leeway on their bill on a one-off basis with a reduced monthly payment.
  • Callbacks: When an issue cannot be resolved immediately, you can arrange an automatic callback on an appropriate future date.

Encourage self-service

Reduce the load on your contact centre staff by launching multi-channel contact campaigns that allow your customers to self-serve where possible. Our multi-channel engagement services enable you to:

  • Boost revenue collections: Take omni-channel payments through mobile, interactive voice response (IVR), SMS and web with our smart collections services.
  • Reduce missed appointments: Remind your customers when they have appointments and allow them to change or cancel through a self-service portal instead of flooding your contact centre.
  • Send notifications: Send any important announcements to customers through our multi-channel messaging services instead of using valuable agent time.

59% of customers say that they have higher expectations for customer support than they had a year ago Microsoft, State of global customer service report

Ad-hoc messaging

Sometimes your contact centre agents may need to send or retrieve information from a customer. You can provide your agents with a list of pre-defined SMS message templates to send as appropriate. For instance, if they need to make a payment, or if the customer needs to supply certain documentation, you can send out messages with an appropriate link for them to do so. The agent simply selects the message template they need and a personalised message with dynamic data such as the customer’s name or reference number will be sent at a time and date chosen by the agent.

Collect customer feedback

The contact centre is the heart of an organisation, and you will always want to ensure that your agents are providing excellent  service to your customers. Yakara MobileCare allows you to collect timely feedback from your customers after they have been provided with a service. After an agent has finished a call, you can ask your customer about the quality of the service they just received through our interactive voice response line, and they can respond using voice and touch tones on their phone. Alternatively, you can send an SMS message containing a link to a short customer satisfaction survey.

The data is collected and can be produced into reports so that you can analyse and identify any recurring issues or gaps in your service.

Yakara has helped us to improve our arrears management and boost customer service across multiple retail brands. Our call centre advisors can now easily introduce callers to self-service options, whilst we have seen a 40% improvement in our automated collections cycle.

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Yakara work with Mothercare to keep customers informed regarding their online orders and deliveries using text messages and email notifications. We have been consistently satisfied with the level of service provided by the team.


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