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Bulk SMS messaging for 2-way interactions with your customers

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Personalised engagement

Easily personalise your messages by adding dynamic data fields to make your messages individual to each recipient – for example, their name or order number.

Uniform messaging

Create a library of pre-defined templates to ensure your messaging stays uniform and on-brand.

Automated campaigns

Yakara’s system allows you to send flexible campaigns via our online console or by secure file transfer. We offer secure uploading, de-duping and validation of customer data, and easy scheduling. Our system allows you to define set times for your message delivery to take into account inbound call volumes and the availability of your agents. With our online console, you can pause, stop, cancel or reschedule your jobs at any given time.

Campaign reporting

Inform comes with its own management interface, where you can set-up, manage and monitor your campaigns in real time. With our comprehensive reporting, you will get valuable insight into how your campaigns are performing from start to finish.

Customised sender fields

Inform allows you to customise your sender field and choose from the following options:


Boost your brand recognition by making your from address your company name instead of an anonymous mobile number

Long coded number

Your message from field will show as a normal 11 digit mobile phone number

Short coded number

The from address will show as a short 5 digit number (most often used for marketing campaigns)

2-way interactions

Increase customer engagement by having 2-way interactions with your customers using short and long code messages. For example:

For callback:

Send CALL to 12345 to trigger a call back from a call centre agent

For payments:

Send PAY to 12345 to trigger a response with a smartphone link for mobile web payment

For marketing:

Send out tailored marketing messages and automatically create STOP lists to comply with GDPR regulation

Security and compliance

Yakara employs best practice in handling all customer data and is run from ISO 27001 compliant data centres. We operate PCI Level 1 certified processes and infrastructure for our payment handing services.


Cost-effective engagement

Achieve contact with your customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods such as calls or letters.

Effective communication

According to Forbes research, 95% of text messages will be read within three minutes of being sent, and text messaging is more popular than phone calls among millennials.

Immediate contact

Sending notices through the mail and agent calling can be extremely time consuming. SMS messaging allows you to achieve immediate and effective contact with your customers.


Yakara have worked with Mothercare to keep customers informed regarding their online orders and deliveries using text messages and email notifications. We have been consistently satisfied with the level of service provided by the team.


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