Products and Services

Products & Services

Business Process Automation

Yakara offers a range of messaging and payment products to help you automate your processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our cloud services automate inbound and outbound customer contact using multiple interactive technologies, including smartphones, web, voice and text messaging.

Yakara have a suite of complementary voice and data processing products which can combine to provide a complete omni-channel messaging and secure transaction handling solution.

Our services can operate standalone, or interface into your existing systems.

We connect to multiple telecommunication networks worldwide, and can provide localised, language specific services on a global basis.

With a multi-site architecture and a strong commitment to customer service, we provide 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure maximum service availability.

We have developed innovative telecommunication IT solutions since 1995 for global telecoms companies, and currently support clients in finance, debt collection, utilities, telecoms, and the public sector.



A smartphone payment service



A multimedia business messaging service

debt collections


An omni-channel payment service


Customer Feedback


A service for collecting timely customer feedback



A multi-channel appointment handling service