Timely customer feedback

MobileCare allows you to collect feedback from your customers as soon as you have provided them with a product or service. Our multi-channel cloud service allows you to collect feedback through both voice and text. With our MobileCare text service, you can send an SMS message to customers that contains an embedded link through to a short satisfaction survey. We also provide a voice service, where customers can provide feedback through an interactive voice response line after an agent call.



Improve service levels

Our advanced processing will allow you to gather and analyse your customer feedback, so you can gain valuable insights into your service delivery. With MobileCare, you can categorise customer responses so that you can identify any common trends and recurring issues. Any issues can be quickly identified, reported and rectified before they escalate, so you can improve your customer service levels.

Identify service issues

Real time reporting allows you identify any unhappy customers immediately so that you can take remedial action. For example, if a customer has given you very negative feedback, you can offer a call back from one of your agents to discuss the issue.

Multi-channel engagement

With MobileCare you can gather feedback through either a smartphone link sent by SMS or via an interactive voice response line. 

You can gather feedback by asking yes/no questions, an NPR scale, or by asking open-ended questions. A mixture of all three is often used to gather a complete view of your customer service.

Easy integrations

MobileCare seamlessly integrates with your current CRM system so you can trigger contact at the appropriate time, and record any customer feedback.

Your corporate branding

In all communications with your customers, you will want to give them peace of mind that they are engaging with you safely and securely. Our products come white-branded so you can put your own stamp on the visuals.

Convenient verification

Our secure verification process makes right party customer identification easy without the need for long, cumbersome reference numbers or passwords. Using highly personalised dynamic information, your customers will be able to confirm their identity with ease and convenience.

Why collect customer feedback?

67% of customers cite bad experience as a reason for churn

13% of consumers tell 15 or more people if they’re unhappy with a brand

62% of consumers share positive experiences with 6 or more people

Esteban Kolsky, founder of thinkJar

The customer journey


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