Voice broadcasting

Voice broadcasting allows you to reach many customers at once using pre-recorded voice scripts. Our technology allows you to personalise your messages using text-to-speech, so you can make every message individual to each customer.

Your customers can interact with their voice message using their telephone keypad and menus to navigate options and proceed to the relevant service.

Use Cases

Appointment reminders

Send voice broadcast messages to your customers’ telephones and allow them to confirm, cancel or change their allotted time using their keypad.

Payment notices

Send customers bill notifications when payment is due or when their account has gone into arrears, and provide them with the option to make a self-service payment.

Service announcements

Send voice notifications to customers such as service outage notifications or marketing messages.

Customer feedback

Ask customers to provide feedback on your service and allow them to rate their satisfaction using their telephone keypad.


Drive down costs

Voice broadcasting is a fraction of the cost of letters or live agent calling.

Reduce the load

Encourage self-service and reduce the workload in your call centres.

Increase engagement

Achieve immediate contact with your customers and provide a self-service channel for out-of-hours business.

Comply with GDPR laws

Automatically generate a STOP list for those who do not want to be contacted to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations.


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