Our online contact centre agent console gives your agents access to tools that will help them improve customer satisfaction, drive self-service and close more calls on a positive action.

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The agent assist toolkit

Deferred payments

Deferred payments allow your agents to set up a future payment if your customer is unable to pay immediately. Your agent agrees a future payment date with the customer, takes the card details and arranges for the payment to be taken automatically as agreed.

Promise to pay

Similar to the deferred payment, if the customer cannot clear their bill immediately your agent can discuss a more suitable future date for the payment to be taken. On the agreed date, a reminder SMS message containing a secure payment link will be sent to the customer.

One-off reduced payment

If your customer is struggling to pay their full bill but is able to make a partial payment for that month, your agent can agree a one-off discounted payment.


If your customer has an issue that cannot be resolved immediately, you can organise a follow-up call with them at a later date to discuss options.

  • 94%

    of deferred payments are taken successfully

  • 50%

    of one-off payments are taken successfully

  • 30%

    of promise to pay payments are taken on the agreed date


Positive call disposition

Empower your agents to end every call on a positive action and improve your customer service.

Power your collections process

Introduce more payment options to bolster your collections process and increase revenue.

Treat customers fairly

Give your customers more flexibility when it comes to payment options, and help them stay out of the arrears process. Identify vulnerable customers and refer them for help.

Improve productivity

Give your agents the options they need to give each and every customer a good service experience, and improve the efficiency of your contact centre.


Did you know?

62% of organisations view customer service delivered by contact centres as a competitive differentiator


Yakara has helped us to improve our arrears management and boost customer service across multiple retail brands. Our call centre advisors can now easily introduce callers to self-service options, whilst we have seen a 40% improvement in our automated collections cycle.

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