Self-service solutions
for utility companies

Stay ahead of the competition with proactive engagement solutions.

Stand out from the crowd

In the utility industry, customer retention is becoming a bigger challenge as comparison sites make brand switching easier than ever before. Keep your competitive advantage by supplying your customers with superior customer service. We can help you to stand out from the crowd with our specialised customer engagement services.

Powering your engagement strategy

Engage and interact with your customers through multiple channels

Improve your collections process

We provide omni-channel payment capability, where your customers can pay by mobile, SMS, interactive voice response (IVR) or web.

With our MobilePay service you can remind your customers when they have a bill due with SMS alerts, containing secure personalised links through to mobile payment. Verify your customers’ identity with ease, using dynamic data so they don’t have to dig out old reference or customer ID numbers. The option to save their card details for later makes the process even faster for next time.

Our IVR service can be deployed in any regional accent or language, and your customers can pay over the telephone using voice and touch tones.

Improve your call centre operations

Our AgentAssist payment console can help you bolster your debt recovery processes and also identify any customers who may be facing financial hardship. With our console your agents can trigger a number of different payment actions, including deferred payments, reduced payments and automatic call backs. We also provide a unique “promise to pay” service where if your customer cannot pay a balance immediately, a suitable date can be agreed and an SMS message with a secure mobile payment link will be sent to collect the funds. We can help you to create a decision tree to show your agents what kind of payment should be taken for each customer’s individual needs, and identify any who should be referred for help and advice.

Smart meter top-ups

Give your customers the option to top up their smart meter from the convenience of their own home, 24/7. Through mobile and IVR your customers can quickly verify their identity and then enter their payment details to complete the transaction.

Using our intelligent IVR line, your customer simply has to call, verify their identity and then enter their payment details. It’s as simple as that. Alternatively, your customers can use our text to pay option where they receive a secure link to mobile payment by texting “PAY” to a short coded telephone number.

Collect customer feedback

In today’s competitive environment, it has never been more important to make sure your customers are being provided with excellent customer service. With our MobileCare service you can send a link to a short customer satisfaction survey via SMS. You can also collect feedback through interactive voice response after an agent call.

Real time reporting lets you identify any recurring issues and resolve any common complaints.

Manage Appointments

Scheduling engineer visits can be challenging, and the costs associated with customers not being home for their appointment can mount up. With Yakara AutoAppoint you can remind customers when they have an appointment due, and provide a link for them to cancel or reschedule their appointment if necessary.

Give more accurate bill readings

When a customer has a bill due, send them an SMS message containing a link to provide their up-to-date meter readings. With no inconvenient app downloads required, your customers can provide their meter readings and receive more accurate bills with just a few taps on their smartphone.

Alert and notifications

Keep your customers up to date when it comes to their accounts. From contract renewals to service alerts, you can keep your customers happy and informed.

Yakara collaborated with us to implement mobile and interactive voice response payments across the UK and Ireland. They closely listened to what we needed and have provided us with an excellent service that has both improved our collections process and saved us money.

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